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The Seahawks’ quarterback competition will continue to heat up this weekend with their first preseason matchup against the Steelers.

Between Geno Smith and Drew Lock, Smith has appeared to be ahead so far in training camp. He’ll get the start in Saturday’s preseason opener.

But Lock doesn’t appear out of it and could make a push for QB1 throughout the rest of August. While head coach Pete Carroll has described Smith as “consistent and rock solid,” part of that stems from Smith being with the Seahawks since 2019. As Carroll put it, the team already knew Smith.

Lock is a different story.

“I’m surprised at some stuff that Drew does,” Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune. “His movement. His natural ability. His ability to move and throw the ball with his feet in awkward positions at times to get the ball out, his quickness of release. I saw that stuff, but until I saw the person, I didn’t know.

“He’s really talented. He has a lot of skills, man, and the game is easy for him in that sense. Physically, he can make all the throws, do the movements, run with the football. We’ve seen him run a lot out here and take off and go. So, it’s just been kind of the whole package that’s been a surprise to see that he’s just well-equipped. Now, it’s just down to the competition of it.”

Carroll said he’d like to see elements from practice carry over in the preseason games for both signal-callers.

“At the quarterback position there are opportunities,” Carroll said. “And if the opportunities are there, how do they seize them? Do they come through and make the play? Do they come through and make the big throw in the red zone, or maybe it’s on a third down or whatever it is. Maybe it’s hitting someone that is open deep.

“We just have to wait and see. Then we will add them up.”

Lock compiled an 8-13 record as a starter with Denver over the last three seasons. Smith hasn’t started consistently since 2014 with the Jets, but he went 1-2 for Seattle last year when Russell Wilson was out with a finger injury.