Delivering the Best News to you!

Mirage Game Studios – the developer behind well-received factory sim Little Big Workshop – has shared a first look at its adorable galactic property magnate game Space for Sale, which is due to launch on PC at a currently undisclosed date.

Space for Sale casts players in the role of a cute astronaut that’s just bought an entire galaxy on the cheap, with the aim of turning it into a dream destination for alien homeseekers across the cosmos. To reach that goal, players must scour the galaxy’s procedural planets in search of the perfect spot to fulfil their clients’ sometimes eccentric needs.

Although Space for Sale’s basic concept sounds very management sim, Mirage says the game’s sandbox-style gameplay is more of a “hands-on experience” than that might suggest, with players needing to explore each planet in person as they hunt down the ideal location to drop a plot, construct buildings, collect resources, scan items, and so on.

As they do so, they’ll need to keep their clients’ demands in mind, whether that be requests for a nice view, a house of a certain size, a pool, or even something a little more exotic, like a nearby herd of herbivores for carnivore clients to feast on.

Each procedural planet has its own distinct biome (ranging from lava worlds to more lush environments), as well as biome-appropriate flora and fauna, all bringing their own unique challenges. Additionally, there’s the not-insignificant matter of the encroaching Space Rot, serving as a sort of antagonist in-game as players seek to overcome its malignant creep.

Space for Sale will be playable either solo or co-operatively with two players when its eventual PC launch arrives.