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Enough Bills fans show up to training camp seeking quarterback Josh Allen’s autograph that he doesn’t have time to sign for everyone. So he prioritizes kids.

Allen said that as he’s passing the mobs of fans as he walks off the field after practice, he stops for children and signs autographs, but he’s not a fan of adults demanding autographs — and especially not a fan of the memorabilia dealers who use kids to get autographs and then sell the autographed item.

“I try to sign just for the kids,” Allen said, via the Buffalo News. “There’s some, you hate to see it and you know it, and you can tell it’s not their item. It is what it is. . . . I pick out the kids. I do apologize to the adults. Kids are kinda what makes this go. I remember being that kid.”

It’s easy to see why Allen would find it a little strange to have adult fans — some much older than him — putting him on a pedestal and wanting his signature. But the kids who come to training camp hoping for Allen’s autograph don’t go away disappointed.